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National Day of Prayer


Every American has the wonderful privilege of observing the National Day of Prayer, (the first Thursday in May).  Individuals can pray for their nation and leaders in their homes or participate in a community event.  Thousands of events are taking place around the country.  Join in prayer together as the community unites for the needs of our government, military, media, education, churches and families.  Receive encouragement though united worship and prayer  at one of these events in Caro.  Attend an event.


Volunteer Program

Would you like to volunteer at the events?  You can be a blessing with set-up at the events, and promotional material distribution during the month of April.  If you are interested, please check out our Volunteer Program.


Prayer and Cookies

Churches are adopting a service organization in their city to pray for as a group during the entire month of April leading up to the National Day of Prayer.  On the morning of the National Day of Prayer, the church delivers (to their service organization) a tray of homemade cookies or other goodies to show their appreciation to the community.  Check out the churches who are participating.  If you would like your church included, please talk with your pastor and let us know.  We will get information to your church.  Click here to see the participating churches.


Not Just a Day

The goal of National Day of Prayer is not to do all the praying for our nation on one day, but to encourage and enlist American Christians to consistent and fervent prayer for God's healing and blessing upon this nation, its leaders and the churches across the country.  "It's not about a day--it's about a discipline."

The founders of this great nation were, in most cases, men and women of faith who incorporated the principles of Scripture in the Constitution and the government it authorized.  Their early influence prevailed in the culture until our day, when sadly, many of us have forgotten the God of our fathers. 


Quick Little History

National days of prayer have been called as early as 1775 with the First Continental Congress.   In his first Inaugural Address, President George Washington prayed that the Almighty would preserve the freedom of all Americans.  On January 1, 1795 President George Washington issued a Proclamation for a National Day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer.

Abraham Lincoln also called for such a day in 1883.  The National Day of Prayer as an annual event was established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1952 and signed into law by President Truman. 

In 1988, President Reagan signed into law permanently setting the day as the first Thursday of every May.  Each year, the president signs a proclamation, encouraging all Americans to pray on this day.

Our Mission:  The National Day of Prayer Michigan Task Force exists to glorify God and Jesus Christ our Lord, and to establish the purposes of His heart with our prayer voices.



Our Beliefs:  The National Day of Prayer Michigan Task Force ascribes to the teachings and principles of the Holy Bible.  We believe in the authority and power of the Bible and in one eternal God, Creator and Lord, who has revealed Himself to mankind as God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and through Jesus Christ the only Savior.





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