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These Churches/Groups have adopted a service organization to pray for during the National Day of Prayer and during the entire month of May. On the morning of the National Day of Prayer, trays of goodies are delivered to show appreciation for their community service.


City of Caro Municipal Bldg & Fire Dept:

Tuscola County Courthouse & Lincoln St.:

Caro High School and Middle School: First Baptist Church of Caro

McComb and Schall Elem. School: Caro Assembly of God

Highland Pines and Tech Center: Caro Church of the Nazarene

Tuscola County Sheriff / Jail Department:

Parole/Probation Officers: 

Michigan State Police:

Caro Police: Lighthouse Baptist Church

911 and Building Codes:

MMR & Medical Care Facility: Deford Community Church

Tuscola County Newspaper: Positive Alternatives Center

Radio Station WYKO: Positive Alternatives Center




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